Speed Dial

Assigning websites

There are several ways to assign a website to a Speed Dial entry:

Some other methods area available, but not activated by default:

The Speed Dial tab is compatible with "drag & drop". If you drag a thumbnail, you'll be able to move it to a new slot, or copy that slot URL to another application. Also, dragging a URL from anther application into a Speed Dial tab slot will assign the referred website to the it.

From version 0.7 it is possible to define "dial groups". Activate them in the "Main" tab in Speed Dial settings dialog. After that, a tab bar will appear on the Speed Dial tab. Invoke the contextual menu on it (typically by clicking the right mouse button on it) to be able to add, remove and edit dial groups. Those groups can have custom colors and names. Additionally, the Speed Dial toolbar button dropdown will also organize the dials by groups it this feature is enabled.

From version 0.7.1, multiple addresses can be assigned to a single dial. To do that, write the addresses one after the other, separated by the character "|". For instance, if you assign the "http://speeddial.uworks.net|http://showcase.uworks.net" address as a dial, accessing it will open both websites at once.

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