Speed Dial

Accessing and refreshing entries

There are mainly 3 ways to access the Speed Dial slots:

In the case that there are more than 9 dials available, the keyboard shortcuts will behave in an special way that has been named "MultiKey": once you introduce the first number, a screen overlay will appear, which will allow to select a dial by typing in the number (other allowed keys are the backspace and the cursor keys). The selected dial is selected as soon as the modifier keys are released (typically "Control").

When adding a Speed Dial entry by using the "Add Dial" dialog, or modifying it using the "Edit Dial" option (available in the Speed Dial tab contextual menu), it's possible to set an automatic refresh for it. Set the "Refresh" field to "Periodically", and specify the number of seconds between automatic refreshings. By default, this value is set to 1 day.

Also, it's possible to force a thumbnail refresh by using the "Refresh" option in the contextual menu of the thumbnail in the Speed Dial tab, or the refresh button in that appears when hovering the mouse cursor over a thumbnail.

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