Speed Dial

Is there a problem?

Dear user,

The reason why you're seeing this page is because you've visited Speed Dial's installation splash page multiple times in the last 36 hours.

If you've been updating to different Speed Dial versions, it's completely normal that this will happen; however, if the page is being show everytime Firefox starts, you're experiencing a Firefox problem.

The cause is that Firefox, for some reason, was unable to save it's settings file; due to that, Speed Dial cannot remember that the splash page was already shown, so it will open it again.

More information about this problem and detailed instructios on how to fix it can be found here or here.

As previously stated, this only applies if Speed Dial's splash page is shown everytime Firefox is restarted, which is NOT a Speed Dial feature or intended behavior.

If you want more information about this problem or have any question, contact me.